The Bridgeside Crew is a diverse collection of professionals and up-and-comers. Starting out as friends, family, and colleagues, the team has grown and attracted many creative people from the NY/NJ area. We're the perfect mix of corporate and grassroots. These dedicated volunteers help make the Originals branch of Bridgeside a playground for creativity!

Paul Liatsis

Founder / Director / Producer

Paul Liatsis has a diverse background in television and film production. His career started in 2007 at a live broadcast television studio in midtown Manhattan. There he honed a variety of skills which encompassed both technical and managerial aspects of the business, i.e. audio/video engineering, technical directing, editing, cameras and lighting, managing satellite fiber, booking crews, talent liaison, etc.

After three years at the studio, he decided to take his talents into full-time freelance production where he grew his clientele year by year. Paul has had the opportunity to work on major productions with companies such as NBC Universal, Microsoft, HBO Sports, Clark Media, Junket Productions, and many more.

In 2013, Paul founded Bridgeside Productions with the goal of continuing to create quality products for his clients, while also producing original content of his own. Along with the birth of Bridgeside the company, Paul and his cousin, Bill Liatsis, created a private, state-of-the-art production studio. This studio helps facilitate Bridgeside's Production Services, as well as it's Originals. 2015 brought the completion of the studio, as well as Bridgeside's first Original, Work in Progress. Work in Progress is a comedy pilot which Paul co-wrote, produced, edited, and starred in. The pilot episode was a selection at that year's Hoboken International Film Festival. 

Using the vast amount of experience working different jobs on set, Paul has been able to train a team of dedicated volunteers who have helped make Bridgeside Originals a reality. Paul has now settled in to his role as owner, director, and producer, and is looking forward to the future of creating.

Bill Liatsis

Founder / Stream Producer - Bridgeside Live

Bill is a co-founder of Bridgeside and Stream Producer for Bridgeside Live. He likes to think of himself first as a guitarist, who became a bass player, who became a construction worker (with the studio), who... After making a few journeys, he truly finds himself enjoying his passion of working with others to make some ambitious dreams into realities. Bill is also the CEO of CreditIQ, a financial technology firm in the automotive retailing industry.

Katie Hakucsa

Production Manager / Producer / Technical Director

Katie Hakucsa is the Production Manager of Bridgeside Productions. She is the Technical Director for "Bridgeside Live", Co-Host and Producer of "Lights, Camera, Fashion", and oversees production and editing on "Cookin' in Brooklyn" and "Bridgeside Sports". In addition, Katie is a full-time video editor at MSNBC, where she has worked since 2005. Where she finds time to do anything else is a mystery to us all... 

Phil Cagliostro

Host / Producer - Brooklyn Vs

Dr. Philip Cagliostro, endearingly known as "Dr. Phil Cags", is the host and argument-settler of our debate game-show, Brooklyn Vs. He is the impartial judge who gives each challenger his verdict. Phil is a native Brooklynite from Bensonhurst and has been at Bridgeside since its inception.

Dave Casanova

Camera Operator / Technical Director - Bridgeside Live & Bridgeside Sports

Dave has been a part of the Bridgeside crew since S1 Ep4.  Since joining, he has embraced his new love for production.  Now, he is not only in the studio for Bridgeside Live as a Camera Operator but he can also be found in the Control Room for Bridgeside Sports and serves as the official taster for Cookin' in Brooklyn's spinoff show, "Eating with Dave Casanova".  

Dana DiAngelo

Stage Manager / Producer

Dana joined the Bridgeside team in December 2016 as the Stage Manager for Bridgeside Live.  She is an actress, stage manager, producer, and all around good gal. She received her B.F.A. in Theatre Arts from Hofstra University.  When not working with Bridgeside she can be found at any one of her many other jobs.

Ryan Liatsis

Audio Engineer - Bridgeside Live

Ryan Liatsis is a professional touring musician and audio engineer. With a career spanning the last decade he has had the pleasure of working with many top notch artists including The Spin Doctors, Matisyahu, Pedro Capo and Kung Fu to name just a few. Ryan regularly engineers at Brooklyn Bowl, a reputable music venue in the heart of Williamsburg. When not behind the mixing console he can often be found with an instrument in his hands, whether it be touring the nation with his original band ShwizZ or just down the street at a local jam session. He's helped take Bridgeside Live to new heights with his audio expertise!

Tony McGowan

Lighting Director / Camera Operator - Bridgeside Live

Danny Milano

Host / Producer - Cookin' in Brooklyn

Resident Brooklynite and Italian cuisine aficionado. Danny has been a part of Bridgeside from the beginning and is about to make his mark on the company in front of the camera. Danny is the self-proclaimed "Consigliere" of Bridgeside and also moonlights as the Head of Security, but now a new show is coming featuring this passionate paisan. Look out for the premiere of "Cookin' in Brooklyn with Danny Milano"!

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