NFL Draft

Draft guru Jason is ecstatic the Jets take Adams at 6

How good are the texans with Watson now?

And Browns keep adding more and more draft picks for future

I think a great trade for both Browns and Texans; works out for both IMO

And Jonathan Allen keeps falling, projected in my drafts to go top 3

O.J. Howard still on the board.......

Very offensive heavy draft thus far, allowing top defensive guys to fall, Allen, Lattimore, Hooker etc..

Great value with Allen at 17 for redskins

Where do the Giants go at 23? No O Line taken yet, and Giants have a glaring need there, but OJ Howard keeps falling.....

Foster at ILB also still available at this point, and Giants have had a need at ILB for many years now

Titans gave up 3,000 yards to WR last year, have to think Jackson at CB could be a good pick at a needed position

Well, no more O.J. for Giants, Bucs take him at 19; Mel Kiper could not believe he was still there

First O Line taken at pick 20, longest it ever has taken in the draft

On our Sports team, Win is upset Giants didn't trade up for Howard, Chris is pushing hard for Foster for the Giants, and Phil and Jason believe an O Line upgrade for the Giants is order

Foster still there for Giants and O Line still there....who should they take?

O Line could help both running and passing game but ILB could take their defense to the next level

And none of us were right! Giants surprise a bit by going TE from Ole Miss Engram

Not too happy about it, both Chris and Phil are in agreement at least O Line over TE need

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